From a girl of 17 with a broken family, depressed and anxious, a victim of assault and two suicide attempts to a girl of 20, representing India and youth at the UN and WHO and being called ‘The Pride of India’; she has seen it all.

Ms. Poorvaprabha Patil

I draw from seven years of a non-salaried way of life, an ivy league cert in social impact strategy and four years of corporate employee experience. Currently consulting with NGOs and building a social enterprise in Hyderabad. Women farmer empowerment, farmer suicides, Millet rage in Southern India are what I'm working on

Mr. Krishna Rayaprolu

I don’t aspire for social endorsements. I believe in self and work towards the change that I wish to bring in. Also, I believe that there is nothing called a big change or a small change. Bringing the change itself is an achievement

Mrs. Hari Chandana

He is a man of words, literally. A media professional with over three decades of experience across various disciplines, he revels in the art of possibilities. Public speaking is his forte, specially talking about the rough and tumble world of politics.

Mr. Suresh Kochattil

Author of the bestselling book 'Study Abroad Revolution', Ms. Tantia is a popular keynote speaker in the education sector and often presents her ideas and insights about higher education

Ms. Purvi Tantia

He can literally pluck thoughts out from your mind using psychology, magic principles and showmanship. He doesn't claim any super natural power, though!

Mr. Praveen Nair

A.K.A Lil'B She is the finest and the most technically sound female DJ when it comes to commercial music in India and around the world. Her crisp sounds, tight mixing, the technology used to spin and power packed sets leave party people begging for more! Today LiL’B is the only acknowledged female DJ for spinning hip-hop

Mrs. Bhavini Shah